Mahmut Ekşioğlu

Professor Dr. Mahmut Ekşioğlu is an expert in ergononmics and human factors engineering, occupational safety and health engineering and management, and applied statistics. He has been working in these fields since 1992 as an istructor, researcher and consultant. He received his PhD in industrial engineering in 1996 from Wichita State University (USA). He holds a BS in Mechanical Engineering (Turkey), and MS degrees in Aerospace and Industrial Engineering both in the USA. He also has incomplete studies in Philosophy and Mathematics.

Before joining Boğaziçi University in 2005, he served four years as a full-time faculty member at the department of Industrial engineering of Univeristy of Michigan and one year at Morgan State University (USA). Prior to academia, he worked as a research scientist at NIOSH (US National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health), and as a consultant in ergonomics and occupational safety and health at Advanced Ergonomics, Inc. (Dallas, USA). The companies he served include Texas Instruments, Intel, Case Corporation and smaller companies.

During his service at Boğaziçi University, he established BU Ergonomics Laboratory which can be considered, in a real sense, the first ergonomics laboratory in Turkey. In this lab, he carried out a number of research studies with his students and established an ergonomics database for the population of Turkey. This database can be used by designers to design safer and more productive workplaces, tools, machines, products, clothing and livig places for the population of Turkey. Some of these studies were supported by TÜBİTAK (The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey). Dr. Ekşioğlu published over 65 articles in journals and conference proceedings as well as several book chapters in the areas of ergonomics and safety. He is also the inventor of the patented "Turkish E-Keyboard", which got the attention of the Turkish media. The keyboard is the most scientific keyboard in the world so far and it is in the process of becoming a Turkish standard by Turkish Standards Institution.

Sabri Altıntaş

Professor Sabri ALTINTAŞ received his undergraduate degree at Technical University Berlin (Germany)   Department of Material Science and Engineering  (1973). He received his MSc and PhD Degrees at University of California Berkeley (USA)  Department of Material Science and Engineering in 1975 and 1978, with a dissertation on plastic deformation of crystals.  He was a research associate at the Department of Engineering of Brown University (Providence USA)  during 1978-1979, and conducted research at the Research Center Sophia Antipolis (France) during 1992-1993.  He has been teaching at Boğaziçi University Department of Mechanical Engineering since 1979.

Selim Şeker

Prof.Dr. Selim Seker completed his MS and Ph.D. degrees, in 1978 and 1982 from the George Washington University(GWU), He has been working in the area of microwave remote sensing, propagation, scattering and biological effect of Electromagnetic Fields.

He conducted research in the area of Electromagnetic propagation through forests at CyberCom Corporation, VA, USA. In summer of 1986, he worked on the problem of EM scattering and absorbers at BBC Baden Switzerland. On his sabbatical leave 1990-1992, and 2006-2007 he taught several different courses at GWU, and conducted one year theoretical and experimental research. He has published several journal and conference papers, books, and reports.

He has been working at Bogaziçi UniversityElectrical-Electronics Eng. Dept. Istanbul,TURKEY.